Clicking For The Thumbnails

July 21, 2022  •  1 Comment

People click on certain things on the internet simply because the thumbnails catch their eyes. Sure there can be attention grabbing call to actions that can get people to click, but speaking from experience, when I scroll through YouTube or Instagram, I usually stop to look further into the content because I like imagery. When searching for products to buy on platform such as Amazon, imagery plays an important role in getting me to consider certain vendors and their offerings as well. For me, when I see a professional looking photo accompanied with a product, it's one of the main indicators that tells me "this vendor looks legit". Working with VIP (Vision Ideal Photography) is fast and easy. Just ship your products to us and we will return high quality images for a fair price. Please use our contact page for all business inquires.  Product Photography StudioProduct Photography Studio





Jared Coles(non-registered)
Great Read!
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